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A Life with a positive attitude is a life full of exciting possibilities. When we open our hearts and senses to fully embrace what life brings, we can make every moment a moment of delight. It lies in the happiness of spending time with others, the amusement of discoveries, the bliss in celebrating every small success, or the appreciation of life’s more trivial moments. In these times of complete mindfulness, we are truly living. We are ready to relish every pleasant surprise life throws at us.

At Yugen, we believe when you feel more, you live more. Since we share your passion for living, our scent solutions actively open your senses and enliven your life with scented positivity.


Our authentic solutions combine the best of nature and science to deliver safe and genuine efficacy. Crafted with extra care, our passion is to harness the natural scents of flowers, plants, fruits, and woods, designed to awaken your senses. It energizes your body, refreshes your mind, uplifts your soul, and inspires the positivity of living every day.


“Only world finest botanic ingredients are granted the privilege to enter our sophisticated extracting processes and developed into Yugen unique opulent scents to help restore your positive halo against stressful everyday life.” Organic Inca Inchi Oil Harmoniously blend between glorious scents, formulated from world finest ingredients, with wealthy properties of Organic Inca Inchi Oil, an enrichment of Vitamin E which loaded in our products will revitalize you wholly. We are the pioneer in Thailand to use Organic Inca Inchi Oil within our skin care products.


We have been recognised for applying worldly know-how and cutting-edge innovation to our manufacturing. In this respect, we ensure established product quality and safety certifications

– ISO 9001
– Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP)
– IFRA standards

Exquisite patterns and vibrant hues grace each meticulously crafted packaging, artfully designed and developed by seasoned professionals, guided by the principles of the science of scent. Evoking recognition through harmonious geometric shapes, they skillfully convey emotions and feelings using a palette of captivating colors. This commitment to excellence has been honored with the prestigious first-place award of

– Good Design Award (G-mark)
– Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

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